About the Hackathon

RedBrickHacks is Ashoka University's flagship hackathon! You will have the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and build meaningful projects alongside mentors from various disciplines.

This year's theme is Tech for Social Good. We will also have three tracks :

  • Health and Wellness

  • Sustainable Growth

  • Security and Privacy

Join us on 18th - 19th June for a weekend full of fun workshops, plenary lectures, social mixers, games, and some very cool merch!

Open to everyone in Delhi-NCR, beginner-friendly and there's no registration fee!



Prizes Worth ₹ 8L, plus merchandise, mentorship, free pizza, and a great time!

Winners - Oculus Quest 2

Runners Up - Bose 700

Best Design - Apple iPad 10.2"

Over ₹1L in prizes for each track to be announced!



18 June  
08:00h - 10:00h Registration + Breakfast
10:00h - 11:00h Opening Ceremony
11:00h  Hacking begins
12:00h - 13:00h  Talk 1: Training Word Vectors using fastText
13:00h - 14:15h Lunch
14:30h - 15:00h  Mini - Event 1: Keyboard Duel (slots run all day)
15:00h - 16:00h Talk 2: Building Scalable Applications from scratch
16:30h - 17:30h  Talk 3: Using Virtual Reality for Rehabilitation
17:30h - 18:15h 
High Tea
18:45h - 19:15h
Mini - Event 2: Painting with Bob Ross
20:00h - 21:00h 
Talk 4: Big Tech - Environmental and Ethical Implications
21:00h - 22:15h Dinner
23:00h - 24:00h Talk 5: Recommendation Systems: Variational Autoencoders
19 June  
02:00h - 03:00h Mini - Event 3: Throw it out
05:00h - 06:00h Mini - Event 4: Screening
07:30h - 09:00h Breakfast
Hacking ends
11:00h - 12:30h 
Judging, Social Hours
12:30h - 13:30h
Closing Ceremony
13:30h - 15:00h Lunch



What to Build

Submissions to the hackathon are not restricted to a specific type. There are no limits, and you can submit as many materials as you think we would need to fully understand your project. We only ask that it is relevant to one of our three tracks.

In general, code-based projects will be judged more highly than simple ideas, but that depends from case to case. All submissions will be taken into consideration for prizes and awards.



1 Health & Wellness - How can you use technical innovation to address modern public health challenges like a pandemic, mental health, nutrition, fitness, among others?

2 Sustainable Growth - How can you use technology to improve environmental sustainability? What social, cultural, political or economic measures can be taken to empower voices of underrepresented groups and how can tech make a difference in the role they play?

3 Security & Privacy - What security challenges do we face in modern online and offline world with the permeance of technology into every aspect of life? How will you solve them in accessible ways? 



A. Project Description x1

This is a detailed description of your team's project which should contain the following:

  • Name and summary of the project
  • Names/pseudonymmars of team members and contact information (e.g. GitHub handle, email address, etc)
  • A write-up with the actual challenge statement you are submitting for and an overview of what problem is being addressed
  • Identify which track you are submitting for
B. 5 minute Pitch Video x1

This is a recorded pitch of your team introducing your project and solution. The pitch video should cover at least the following:

  • Name of your project
  • Overview of design, novelty/originality, technical complexity, daily/mass usability and impact of project (these are the judging criteria!)
C. GitHub Repo Link x1

Each team to appoint 1 (one) person to create the team's GitHub repo and share the access with the team to collaborate on. During submission, the team needs to submit the link to this GitHub Repo which can be accessible to the judges. We encourage having a well documented README file.

D. List of Tech Stack Used x1

This is a overview of tech stack used by the team to build your project

E. Project Demo Link

This is the URL to the live working environment of the solution you have developed.

Hackathon Sponsors


672,500 in prizes


Oculus Quest 2 (x5)

Runners Up

Bose NC 700 (x5)

Track Prize: Health & Wellness

The winning team will get 5 of the following (for 5-member teams):

- Fitbit Charge 5
- Manta Sleep Mask
- Amazon Gift Card (worth ₹2252)

Track Prize: Sustainable Growth

The winning team will get 5 of the following (for 5-member teams):

- WiFi Smart Energy Meter (Din Rail Mount)
- Smart Power Strip
- Reusable Notebook
- Zero Waste Kit
- GreenGeeks Hosting for 2 years
- Amazon Gift Card (worth ₹5003)

Track Prize: Privacy & Security

The winning team will get 5 of the following (for 5-member teams):

- Yubico Security Key
- Samsung T7 Touch 1TB
- Amazon Gift Card (worth ₹3751)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Muthuraj Thangavel

Muthuraj Thangavel

Saud Khan

Saud Khan

Yogendra K Srivastava

Yogendra K Srivastava

Kuldeep Singh

Kuldeep Singh

Deepa Nagaraj

Deepa Nagaraj

Satish Rajarathnam

Satish Rajarathnam

Judging Criteria

  • Technicality (20 points)
    ● How well engineered is the project? ● Is the coding and logic sound? ● Did the team think about the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)? Was the product designed with humans in mind?
  • Innovation (20 points)
    ● Is this a novel approach / solution to addressing the problem? ● Has this been done before?
  • Meeting Track Requirements (20 points)
    ● Is this doing what the track requires? ● How well does the submission align with the respective track's goals?
  • Presentation (10 points)
    ● How well does the presentation describe their idea, solution, and tech aspects?
  • Impact (30 points)
    ● Is it feasible? ● Does this create maximum impact for many people? ● Is this solving a real solution? ● Would this create net good?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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